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A Foundation established in 1931
by the Swiss Confederation

In the early 1930s, Europe and the rest of the world were in the throes of a major crisis.

The International Committee of the Red Cross was concerned about its future, fearing that it would lack the necessary independence to continue giving the victims of conflict all the help they needed. It turned to the Swiss government for additional funding.

Fully aware of the importance of the ICRC’s role, the government granted the organization 500,000 Swiss francs – the equivalent of over three million francs today.

The Foundation for the ICRC was set up to manage this capital and pay out the income it generated to the ICRC. In 1944, the ICRC was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, the proceeds of which went to the Foundation. Despite this and other income over the years, the Foundation’s potential remained undeveloped.

In order to revitalize itself and assume a more dynamic role, the Foundation recently decided to amend its statutes and greatly increase its capital.

Meeting the challenges of the 21st century calls for massive support.


The Foundation board

The Foundation Board is made up of representatives of business and political circles and of the ICRC itself. It is composed of one representative of the Swiss Confederation and between five and eleven members who are appointed by the International Committee of the Red Cross and serve a four-year term, which my be renewed up to three times.

Members of the Board :

Ms Christine Beerli Chairperson of the Foundation,
Vice-President of the ICRC
Ms Fides P. Baldesberger Chairman of the board of Directors and CEO of Outils Rubis SA
Mr Andre Von Moos Member of the ICRC
Ambassador Claude Wild Representative of the Swiss Confederation


Foundation for the ICRC International Committee of the Red Cross