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Responsible Businesses

Conflicts today are increasingly lingering affairs – and they tend to spread and proliferate. The resulting economic damage is incalculable. The ICRC’s funding needs have increased dramatically in recent decades. Despite the support of donor governments, the organization’s requirement for private sector support is greater now than ever before.

To enable it to pursue its work unhindered, the Foundation for the ICRC is encouraging companies with a keen sense of social responsibility to join the ICRC Corporate Support Group.

Currently, donations from the private sector represent a mere thousandth of the ICRC’s income. The Foundation aims to achieve a significant increase in private sector support through the ICRC Corporate Support Group.

By helping the Foundation meet the challenge and joining the ICRC Corporate Support Group, companies support the humanitarian cause and boost their moral standing.



Exclusive Partnership

The ICRC Corporate Support Group consists of businessmen, Swiss companies and foreign firms operating in Switzerland who wish to help the ICRC by making a major financial contribution to its Foundation.

Member companies project a powerful image of commitment to humanitarian endeavour, and enjoy close, personal contact with the ICRC in the form of meetings with its President for dialogue on issues of common interest.

The Foundation is concerned that all its contributors should be of good ethical standing and membership will therefore be restricted to a limited circle of companies whose activities are compatible with the ICRC’s principles and mandate.

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