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A Foundation to serve the ICRC

Our mission

To ensure that the ICRC will be able to shoulder its task in a world of lingering and proliferating conflicts. By establishing significant financial reserves, the Foundation for the ICRC seeks to guarantee the organization of effective long-term funding independent of voluntary government contributions. For the ICRC to pursue its mission with confidence, it must have a secure future.

To enable the ICRC to take immediate action when circumstances require, by drawing on emergency funds that the ICRC can allocate as it sees fit. A degree of financial autonomy is necessary if the ICRC is to be able to take prompt action in emergencies.

To help keep the ICRC independent through regular financial support from the income yielded by the Foundation’s assets. If the ICRC is to be effective, it must be independent.

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Building capital for the future

Our objectives

To build capital for the future
The Foundation seeks to increase its capital considerably by establishing a substantial endowment fund whose purpose will be to secure the ICRC’s future and whose income will be freely available to the organization.

To broaden and diversify sources of support
In order to develop its resources, the Foundation hopes to enlist the broadest possible support for the ICRC’s humanitarian action from major companies and individuals.

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